$65 per class

(studio doors open at 1:30)


Art makes you think. 

Art takes you places.

Art makes you feel something. 

Art makes you look.


There are a thousand reasons why your child should have more art in their lives, and the new schedule for SPS early dismissal is a perfect opportunity to make that happen for your busy child.

Make Wednesdays their day to slow down, think creatively, and express themselves.

Early Dismissal Wednesdays:


Ages 8-up


Oct. 4. Roy Lichtenstein

Oct. 11 Pablo Picasso

Oct. 18 Edward Gorey

Oct. 25 Frida and Diego

Nov. 1 Day of the Dead

Nov. 15 Frida and Diego

Nov. 29 Mark Rothko

Dec. 6  Jasper Johns

Dec. 13 Nutcracker Illustration

(Maurice Sendak and Ian Falconer)




Oct. 16  Frida Kahlo 

Oct. 17  Paul Cézanne

Oct. 23  Roy Lichtenstein

Oct. 24  Wayne Theibaud



School's OUT and Art is IN!

October 13th:  The MET!

Spend a day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

Morning and Afternoon sessions will cover different topics, so bring a lunch and stay all day! 

Cheaper than a plane ticket to NYC, this crash course will introduce many of the masterpieces your artist will love for a lifetime. We’ll travel through time back to ancient Egypt, visit Paris with the great Impressionists (not to mention discover the American impressionist Childe Hassam). We’ll look at paintings, drawings and sculpture throughout the ages and discover what happens behind the scenes when the museum is closed and take a closer look at art conservation. How do they take care of all those different works of art? And of course, we’ll be making our own masterpieces along the way. Let’s take a tour of one of the most famous museums in the world, and be home in time for dinner!


Morning session: 9:30-12:30pm  $65

Afternoon session 1-4pm $65 

Ages 8 and up 

School's OUT and Art is IN!

November 10th - Power of the Portrait

Morning and Afternoon sessions will cover different topics, so bring a lunch and stay all day!

Portraiture has long functioned as a measure of status - a powerful way to say, here I am, I'm...Who?    

Well, it can symbolize personal achievement, power, and prestige. Whether the statement is 'loud' or 'quiet' it can speak volumes. We'll look at artists past and present and paint our own portraits - and fix our images for posterity!! 

Morning session: 9:30-12:30pm $65  

Afternoon session: 1-4pm $65

Ages 8 and up


Friday - your teens look forward to it all week long! And what better way to kick of the weekend than to unplug, close the studio door, and start creating with friends? 

Oct. 6   Wayne Theibaud

Oct. 20 Andrew Wyeth

Oct. 27 Edward Gorey 

Nov. 3   Portraits

Nov. 17 Portraits

Dec. 1  TBA

Dec. 8  TBA

4-6;30 pm



Ages 12 and up

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