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                    A Note from Shelley:

Every day brings new developments related to the virus, and the uncertainty of it all is of course, unsettling. Our hearts go out to those who’ve been impacted.

Many of our parents are now working from home, but we’re aware that not everyone has that option. We would like to provide enriching activity for your children while schools are closed.

We want to assure you that we have carefully considered all the aspects and precautions about the Covid-19 virus, and with some changes, will remain open to offer daytime classes.

                Here are the steps we are taking:

-Enrollment will be limited to 7 students per class, so we can provide adequate space between desks.  
-All students will be required to wash hands with soap upon arrival and departure, and will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the class.
-All surfaces and tools will be carefully cleaned before / after / and during classes.
-To maintain the sufficient space between artists, we will not go upstairs for ‘Masterpiece Loft’ time. We will however, have a TV downstairs for our slide shows and various interesting videos etc.
-We will not be holding a ‘Gallery Day’ for parents. Kids get to have a VIP reception at home!
-We respectfully ask parents to wait outside for artists when they drop off and pick up. (We’ll have a sign outside to remind you).

Of course, if your student (or anyone in your household) has a condition that puts them in a high-risk category please, don’t enroll at this time.  We’ll have plenty of opportunities to create together when this situation has passed.  

                  Special Daytime Classes

Our new Daytime Classes will be small (7 kids max) so our young artists will ultimately follow a more individualized curriculum based on their age, and experience with us at Early Masters.  We’ll start each session with a general art overview - art news, virtual museum tours, careers in the art world etc. Then, we’ll break down to two to three artists that will be the focus that day. This is a great opportunity for kids to dig into their current area of interest - Van Gogh night scenes, animals, portraits etc.

This is the first of a series of classes that may continue throughout March and April.
Depending on demand, and the ever-changing situation, we will continue this series and add more classes. Stay tuned and please email any thoughts/requests you have on scheduling.

Monday, March 16 and 23
9:30 -12:30 AND 1-4pm
Wednesday March 18 and 25
9:30 -12:30  AND 1-4pm
Friday March 20 and 27
9:30 -12:30 AND 1-4pm

Shelley Thomas
Early Masters
Art History for Kids

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