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Eloise: What I absolutely love, love, ART!

We bring you yet another blog post from an Early Masters student perspective! Ms. Eloise (11 years old) always bounces into our studio with loads of energy and a fun-loving (but serious of course!) approach to art.

She has been in several Early Masters exhibitions at SAM and has studied a range of art styles with Impressionism and Pop Art among her favorites. Here, a few thoughts from an Early Masters pro.

Q: What was your first EM class? Do you remember the topic?

A:I believe that my first EM class was a Picasso class. We were talking about cubism, I think.

Q: What has been your favorite EM workshop? What makes it your favorite?

A:My fave Early Masters workshop probably was Impressionism, the pointilism one to be more exact. I felt like this was my favorite because it really took time to make every single detail, but I felt proud of my hard work after that, cause my painting looked awesome!

Q:How do you feel when you walk into the studio? Why do you feel that way?

A:When I walk into the very familiar and awesome-sauce studio, I feel really happy because not only do I get to learn something new (I love learning new things!), but I also get a majority of the time to work on one of my passions: art!

Q:How do you feel when you walk out of the studio with a new painting? Why do you feel that way?

A:Whenever I leave the studio with a fresh painting, I feel proud of myself for creating something. I feel as though my happiness to make art just pours into the painting, and as a result, I get something I love!

Q: What keeps you coming back to EM?

A:What always brings me back to the studio is

1. You guys are awesome-sauce!

2. Letting my creativity shine through in the form of a painting. The moment I grab onto the paintbrush, my emotions just sweep out on the page, making a medley of colors. I always love that feeling, and I always get back home with a bit more knowledge than I started off with about an artist.

Q:What or who is your greatest artistic inspiration?

A:Oh, jeez, I suppose I was thinking this question would come up. The answer is that I have so many totally awesome people on my list that I can't pick just one or even several!

-Eloise Sax, EM age 11

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