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An Artist is Born.

Maya is a talented young artist who soaks in painting styles like the artist sponges she uses at the studio! Her most recent workshop, (Paris in the Springtime, earlier this month) allowed her to dabble in Cubism and Fauvism (see above) just two more styles to add to her repetoire. As she matures as an artist, she will draw upon the fundamentals she learns with us at Early Masters, and make her own mark in the art world. We can't wait to see what happens.

My name is Maya and I am 11 years old. My very first art piece was amazing: It was a snow day scene and I learned that it was Impressionist style. We first learned about the artist and the history upstairs (at the studio) in "Masterpiece Loft". Then, we started to paint downstairs in the studio, outlining, then base colors then slowly added the details. As I was painting, I started to figure out that I could do amazing things with paint. Like, smooth brush strokes, short brush strokes, mixing colors, and adding texture. My favorite part to paint was the snow because I learned that when you look at a painting, it sometimes looks like there is one color, but there are so many different colors! I had peach and light blues in my work that made the snow look more realistic. I also started to realize that I could do so many things turning my “mistakes” into part of the art work. Coming home I told my family the history about my art. My parents were so amazed of how much I had learned in one day. Who would have known art history was so fun? This experience was so fun that I go as much as possible.

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