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"Mountaineers or Shelley!"

Ms. Vea (11 years old) came to us as many students do, the younger sibling of an Early Masters artist. It soon became quite clear to everyone (including Vea herself) that she had more than a passing interest in painting and art history. Vea was an Early Masters 'ambassador' at Seattle Art Museum's education event this past fall, charming teachers from across the state, talking about her love of Impressionism (especially Manet) and Early Masters.

When was your first Early Masters class? Do you remember the topic?

I don't remember exactly when I had my first class at Early Masters class, but my brother Remy had already been going there. When I was old enough I was soo exited to go! I'm pretty sure the topic was Vincent Van Gogh, but I'm not quite sure.

What has been your favorite Early Masters workshop? What makes it your favorite?

My favorite class was probably actually my most recent one. It was on Intimate Impressionism. I really enjoyed it because we were able to learn about, and replicate the work of many different artists. I learned about Manet, who became one of my favorite artists! It was also really great because right after the class I went to France and got to see some of the art in person!

How do you feel when you first arrive at the studio? Why do you feel that way?

When I first drive up (don't worry, a parent drives me) I get this feeling of excitement because every day you learn something new. That can mean learning about an artist, or learning a new way of painting. When I walk in I get this warm feeling because someone always says " Hi Vea! " I love that first entrance.

How do you feel when you leave the studio with a new painting? Why do you feel that way?

When I leave the studio with a new painting I always have a big sense of accomplishment. This is because Shelley always makes me want to work hard. When I work hard to finish things, I feel like I have accomplished something.

What keeps you coming back to Early Masters?

I keep coming back to Early Masters because I simply love it. I love how Shelley not only teaches us how to paint, but also the history of the artist. If I had to pick between.…other art schools that I've attended and Early Masters, Early Masters would be the definite decision. I enjoy it so much that every year when my mom tells me to pick, "Mountaineers or Shelley" I always yell, "Shelley!"

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