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The Eye Must Travel.

Ms. Morgan came to us a few years ago and has grown into an accomplished and thoughtful young artist. Not only is she a careful observer in the classroom, but she has opened her eyes to the world around her, beyond our studio doors. She's been lucky enough to travel to some amazing museums over the past few years, and happily her Early Masters education has given her some keen insights. The eye must travel (as Ms. Diana Vreeland once said) and Morgan's eyes are always on the lookout! Here, a few thoughts on art and life from the artist herself:

When I first arrive at the studio I feel comfortable. I am surrounded with people who share the same passion for art as I do. I also see a lot of familiar faces. I feel excited because each day is a new day to learn and paint. When I leave the studio with a new painting, I feel accomplished because I put a lot of effort into my work and it was fun to learn about the history behind the painting.

My first Early Masters class was when I was 7 years old. Shelley was teaching us about Frida Kahlo. I was so inspired. I got a Frida Kahlo book for Christmas and re-read it over and over. My favorite session has been the Nutcracker. We learned about the history of the Nutcracker, the composers and set design. It was all so fascinating for me because I am really interested in the ballet and the story that it tells. I received some prints of the mice in The Nutcracker and have been drawing them in a sketchbook.

I visited New Orleans for my grandmother’s 75th birthday. The artistic vibe in New Orleans is nothing like I have ever seen before. Everything is bold and outgoing. The colors are bright and festive. Beads are hanging from light posts and street signs. Mardi Gras had started and there were masks with beads, sequins and feathers. There are so many different types of art forms, from dresses to masks to music. My favorite thing about New Orleans was the flowers hanging from the balconies. The iron work on the railings was so beautifully crafted and detailed.

Every city, town, state or country that I have visited has its own artistic “personality.” Venice has its canals and cobblestone streets, New Orleans has music and Mardi Gras festivities, and Seattle has the Space Needle. My most favorite artistic place to go in Seattle is the Chihuly glass garden. I went on a field trip with my 7th grade class. Seeing how people made these glass sculptures fascinated me.

The past three summers, I have traveled to Europe. I have been to London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews. Each place has it’s own artistic vibe. Trafalgar Square in London, had a giant blue rooster in the center! Rome is so unique with the Vatican and Coliseum because they have been there for so long and have a big historical impact. The birth of Adam, the ceiling that Michelangelo painted all by himself. I loved being in the place where gladiators battled animals and other humans.

The history that comes with the artwork is always what inspires me. Every time I leave Early Masters or anywhere else in the world, I am inspired. Inspired to paint, draw, change the world.

Art has an amazing impact on me and my life. I can't wait to take another class.

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